Garment Covers

Description Garment covers in different fabrics to protect various types of clothing.
Size 60x110
  different sizes as requested by customer
Type of fabric non woven
  cotton - polycotton
  different fabrics as requested by the customer
Options without handles, handles on the edge, handles stitched over strip (same material as garment covers, in polypropylene, other materials)
  zips in nylon 3mm to 6.3mm (pullers personalized)
  zips in metal 6.3mm (pullers personalized)
  pocket with zip on back
  zip all round
  clips or velcro on corners
  PVC window in different sizes
  metal parts available in different finishes and personalized
Print silk-screen printing
  transfer (not in all materials)
  embroidery (not in all materials)
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