Total look accessories

Total look accessories

Total look accessories
Our strategy is to enhance the brand of our customers

Branding: To effectively enhance your image.

Only one Global partner for your point of sale. This is Mainetti’s promise to serve you better.

From Hangers, to Garment Covers, to Shopping Bags, to Accessories and Boxes.

The constant search for the perfect product to meet our customers needs is the priority of our Research & Development Team.

Our mission is to provide exciting products that enhance the presentation of our customer’s garments.

Partnership is a key theme of our in-house design team.

We work closely with customers to understand their needs and the issues they face throughout their business.

Our products don’t just look good; they solve real problems within the retail environment.

At Mainetti we believe that every customer has their own specific and unique “selling proposition” and we provide an unrivalled range of products and services to help deliver each specific message.

Our attention to detail and dedicated care is ongoing, ensuring our customers total satisfaction.

Our packaging solutions are realised with eco-friendly products and biodegradable materials including FSC paper.

We have acquired specialised companies for the production and distribution of packaging materials, including Techstar in Asia and Mainetti Bags in Italy to provide us with World Class production and distribution facilities for paper and plastic shopping bags. Building on values that have served us from the beginning, all our companies deliver the same renowned Mainetti quality, reliability, flexibility, innovation and value for money.